Auto Fellatio:

Auto fellatio is when a man gives himself oral sex. You may be wondering if this is even possible, and the answer is yes. Although this is possible, it is not easy by any means. Two things need to happen in order for this type of masturbation to be possible. First, the penis must be fairly long. Second, the man must be very flexible. This act is generally performed when a man is in a seated position and bends over to put the penis in his mouth.

It is not hard to understand why both of these things are necessary for auto fellatio to happen; it is a matter of physics. Because of the difficulty of auto fellatio, it is estimated that only 1% of males can actually perform this sexual act on themselves.

Understanding why a man would want to perform auto fellatio isn’t hard. Human beings masturbate all the time. Since most men prefer receiving oral sex over a hand job any day, it stands to reason that if they could masturbate orally instead of with their hand they would. People find all sorts of interesting ways to pleasure themselves when sex is unavailable, or they just want to take care of things on their own. Auto fellatio is just one of the ways a man can change up masturbation from the normal routine.

Previously, auto fellatio was considered by medical experts to be a behavioral problem and not a normal means of masturbation. Now, with the increasing popularity of yoga, auto fellatio is becoming more accepted.

There are some books available to aid in teaching a man how to perform auto fellatio. Also, improving fitness levels through yoga, gymnastics and any other flexibility training will help you to be able to perform auto fellatio yourself.

As far as penis length is concerned, it is also a must if you desire to perform auto fellatio. If you are not currently long enough to be able to perform auto fellatio, there are some options available to help you increase the size of your penis. Male enhancement pills, penis traction devices, and penis enlargement exercises are all valid ways to increase the size of your penis. With added length and flexibility you can start attempting to perform auto fellatio on yourself.