Proper Lubrication for Enlargement Exercises

Jelq exercises require lubrication to be effective and easy.
You can use both water based and oil based lubricants. I recommend
water-based lubricants because they are much easier to clean up.
I personally don’t like the feel of oily lube on my penis and
groin area, just like I don’t like the feeling of oil on my face.
Water-based is just easier and cleaner.

The chart below contains common lubricants for jelqing

Water-Based Lubricants Oil-Based Lubricants
Jelly (no thanks!)
KY Liquid (we
dont like the grainy feel)
Vitamin E
Astroglide Baby Oil (recommended)

We recommend Astroglide (regular, not the thicker version) as
the best lubricant for jelq exercises. Baby oil is also a good
substitute if you don’t mind oil-based lubes.

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