Penis Enlargement Power Stretch

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Power stretching is just as easy as it sounds. This stretch lengthens
the ligaments and tissues in your penis. This helps you take extra
advantage of growth in the corpora cavernosa as your penis grows
longer over time.

What are the benefits of stretching?

Stretching your penis regularly is an effective way to increase
length, just as stretching your hamstrings regularly increases
their length. Note that power stretching does not increase girth.
It only offers gains in length in your flaccid or erect states.

We recommend power stretching 3-5 times a week for
fast length gains.

One downside of power stretching is that if you don’t avoid stretching
your skin, you may also lengthen the skin that connects your penis
to your scrotum. This may let your testicles hang lower. While
this may give a bigger impression, I don’t want my testicles to
hang any lower or I’ll have to start wearing briefs during my
metabolic conditioning workouts (jumping jacks and loose scrotums
don’t mix well). To avoid stretching your skin, just make sure
you pull penile skin back before you grip and stretch. That way,
there is plenty of slack to prevent stretching.

1. Power
stretching is intended to lengthen your penis. Do not power-stretch
expecting to see an increase in girth/width, as it will not
happen. Click here for ways to increase girth.
2. Don’t grip
your penis too tightly, as you don’t want to cut off circulation.
3. Always warm
up before performing any penis enlargement exercise.
4. Do not attempt
to stretch while erect, even 50% erect. Never stretch unless
you’re flaccid (soft). If you start getting an erection while
stretching, just hold off a minute until you get soft.
5. Do not use any
lube for stretching exercises. In this case, you’ll need to
have maximum grip on your penis.

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