FastSize Before/After Photo Results

The FastSize extender was the best investment I’ve made. I’ve tried many of the pills out there with no visible signs of enlargement. I’ve tried pumps with no long lasting effects.

I’ve even tried the exercises and all I got was a sore hand after months of exercising. However with the FastSize extender after 6 months I saw a HUGE gain in length and enlargement, I was 5" and very thin and now as the pictures show I’m 6 full inches and the girth has exploded in size!!

Again the BEST investment I’ve ever made for penis enlargement.

Blaine -Washington, DC, USA

Ross purchased the Basic Package with Training Lubricant

I’ve been using your product for just over two months now and I can’t even believe the difference. You can tell from my pictures that my flaccid size is at least 50% larger than it used to be. The only thing I can tell people to help keep it up is to measure yourself!

The most rewarding thing is to see my erection go from 5" to 5.75" in just two months!!! But the biggest confidence booster is the size of my penis when limp. It’s night and day and I’m no longer embarrassed to be naked. I can’t wait to see what happens after 6 months.

Thank you so much FastSize.

Mark -Texas, USA

Ross purchased the Advanced Package

Well, I am amazed at the results of treatment using your FastSize Extender. The growth to my Penis is fantastic and I am very satisfied. I have always been unhappy with my very ordinary and boringly average Penis, which measured only 6 inches erect and about 3 inches on the slack.

My lack of pride caused me to develop a condition called "performance anxiety". I tried those (so-called) growth pills and manual stretching exercises but these were a waste of time and did nothing. Now, after only two months of using the FastSize Extender (8 to 10 hours per day) my Penis has grown considerably bigger. It’s now a proper tool to be proud of! The average increase is already over one inch and it is thicker and stronger and I have a new confidence and pride. I love sex again!

My best regards and thanks to you and your team.

Ross (Australia)

Ross purchased the Basic Package with Simolex Bands

My name is Diego M. and my email address is: *********

I have been using the product for about three months now and I am happy to say I have gained a inch in length and have become harder and thicker than ever before!

My girlfriend loves the new me, thank you soo much! I went from 5 1/2 to 6 1/2- Thanks again and everyone should try this out, what do you have to lose.

Diego -Florida, USA.

Ross purchased the Advanced Package

My name is Richard I live in New Zealand and have been using the FastSize for 1 month now, and have noticed very great results. I have followed the instructions to the dot and am very pleased with the results, this is a very good product which i would recommend to anyone who wishes to increase their penis size.

I started at roughly 5¾inches, and after 1 month of full use i am now proud to be at 6½ inches as showing in my pictures. I have also noticed that the head of my penis seems bigger, and my erections seem stronger. I am a lot more happy with myself as i have reached my goal after only one month and my girlfriend cant seem to keep her hands off of me.

Thank you so much for your product.

Richard – New Zealand, USA.

Ross purchased the Basic Package

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