Jelq Technique For Girth Gains

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A thick penis has attracted lavish attention from women
and admiration (and jealousy) from men for thousands of years
in cultures across the globe. It’s a sign of virility, manliness
and courage. Those less-endowed have always pursued secret methods
to enlarge and lengthen their penises.

The Jelq technique is one of the most effective exercises
to thicken your penis. Requiring little more than time and privacy, millions
of men have enjoyed larger penises and more confidence by using the Jelq.

BEFORE YOU JELQ: Make sure you use proper
lubrication for jelqing

how to jelq

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How The Jelq Technique Works

When you have an erection, the tissues along the length of your
penis fill with blood. This blood engorges your penis, causing
it to become large and hard when erect. The Jelq technique forces
blood to fill the tissues throughout your penis. Regular
jelqing enlarges the erectile tissues
and the spaces
within, allowing additional space for blood to fill during future
erections. As the tissues stretch and the spaces grow larger,

Steps Jelq Exercise Instructions
1 Massage your
penis to 50 to 75% erection.
2 Make an “okay”
sign with the thumb and index finger of your left hand. This
is the hand that will be jelqing. Wrap this around the head
of your penis using a tight grip.
3 Gently stretch
your penis using your left hand.
4 Starting from
the base of your penis, pull your right hand toward the head
(this should resemble “milking”). This forces blood
from the base of your penis to the head and only requires
a few seconds.
5 When your right
hand has traveled the length of your penis, return it to the
base and start over.
7 Repeat this
exercise for 5 minutes each day.

Jelqing To A Larger Penis

If you don’t notice results in a few days, don’t get discouraged.
Jelqing takes time. Remember, Arabs trained their men to jelq
their penises every day for years until reaching adulthood. Be
consistent and you’ll eventually see your penis grow in
length and thickness.

Notes For Maximum Results with
the Jelq
While jelqing,
you may approach the point of ejaculation. Doing so hampers
the effectiveness of jelqing. If you feel like you’re going
to ejaculate, stop jelqing and let the sensation pass before
Use baby oil
or a similar lubricant that won’t dry quickly. You’ll need
lubrication that lasts at least 5 minutes so you won’t have
to keep reapplying it.
For safety and
comfort you should only jelq with a 50-60% erection. You shouldn’t
have a complete erection while using the Jelq technique. Because
your grip will be tight, a full erection can cause discomfort.

More About Jelq Exercises

Though its true origin is unknown, many speculate that the Jelq
technique has been carefully handed down through generations of
Arab families. Those on the cusp of manhood were trained by the
fathers in how to jelq (or literally, milk) their penis. Each
day, they would use the Jelq technique for 10 minutes, gradually increasing the size of their penises. After becoming
an adult, the jelqing sessions would lessen to only 3 times each
week. Eventually, their penises would grow to reflect the virile
and powerful adults they had become.

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