Penis Injury: Be Prepared for When it Might Happen to You:

This could be any man’s nightmare but penis injuries can be prevented by taking proper precautions. It’s important to inform yourself about all the possible penis injuries, symptoms and treatment options.

The penis has two main functions – urinary and reproductive. Instances of penis injury are rare but they still happen. The causes can be as varied as a gunshot, a car accident or even a sexual intercourse. Perhaps shockingly, the most common cause of penis injury or trauma may happen while having sex.

This kind of injury may happen to your penis when an erect penis accidentally slips out of the vagina and strikes it outside with force or thrust. When this happens, it may cause your penis to bend sharply. This often happens when the woman is on the top during the intercourse. You may experience a sharp pain, loss of erection and sometimes even hear a popping sound.

This pain is experienced due to a tear in the penis muscle, which is stretched during an erection. The injury is usually referred to as a penis fracture in medical terms- though the term literally is not accurate, as a penis does not have a bone.  Other penis injuries have also been reported during sexual intercourse when sexual accessories and toys are used.

A majority of these penis injuries are not serious in nature and tend to heal without any medical treatment. However, sometimes a few complications may arise that may require a thorough checkup and treatment by an urologist. The treatment may involve anti-inflammatory medicines, cold compresses and pressure dressings, in most of the cases. In some, surgical treatment may be required. However, these are usually minor surgeries.

In case your penis is injured, do not hesitate to see a doctor, especially if the symptoms like pain or discomfort do not go away within time. There is no need to be embarrassed about a penis injury.