Enlargement Exercises Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do penis enlarging exercises work?
2. How long will it take to see results?
3. Are there any side effects?
4. How do the exercises work?
5. What is the average penis size?
6. Does size really matter?
7. Can I be hurt by using these exercises?
8. How do I get started?

is much misinformation and hype
surrounding penis enlargement
exercises. This is due, in part, to the relative age of the product
(which is quite young) as well as the ability of the Internet
to spread rumors and false information like wildfire.

We have taken the time to provide answers that
we hope will address the most common concerns of those seeking
information about penis enlargement pills and their effectiveness.

1. Do penis enlarging exercises
Yes and no. Due to the nature of the product there
are many men that have experienced great results and others that
have not. Unlike penis enlargement pills, exercises require diligent
efforts in following the program and performing the exercises
as instructed.

2. How long will it take
to see results?
This is dependent on your body and how
well you are following the program. However, many men experience
results within 2 months from the beginning of the program, with
a large percentage of users experiencing results within 1 month.

3. Are there any side effects?
Besides a bigger penis, no, there are no side effects.

4. How do the exercises
A more in-depth explanation can be found on how
enlargement exercises work
, though it can be summarized by
simply stating that the exercises stretch tissue that fills up
with blood during an erection. If these tissues can hold more
blood the erection will be firmer and larger. As well, the exercises
also increase the flaccid size of the penis via
the same means.

5. What is the average penis
Despite what you may read, many documented studies
and tests have been done that verify, time and time again, that
the average size of the penis is 6 inches. A significant amount
of variation regarding penis sizes does exist, with nearly 70%
of male penises being between 5.0-5.99 inches and 6.0 to 6.75

6. Does size really matter?
For the answer to this question you really need to ask yourself
that. Many women do not enjoy excessively large penises despite
the stereotype that has been created as the result of pornography
and media hype. Also, if you like receiving oral sex, then you
can kiss it goodbye if you have a larger penis. Same with anal
sex – if you enjoy that it can be a problem if your penis gets

That being said, a penis that is slightly larger than average
seems to be the ideal size for most women. What’s more important,
however, is the self-esteem and confidence of the man. If you
feel that a larger penis will give you more confidence you may
find that penis enlargement is a relatively simple way to become

7. Can I be hurt by using
these exercises?
Not unless you are performing the exercises
too vigorously or incorrectly. If the exercise that you are performing
hurts in a way that is uncommon for the type of exercise being
perform, stop performing the exercise and give your penis appropriate
time to recover.

As well, start off gradually until you are completely comfortable
with the exercises and how to perform them.

8. How can I get started
with exercises?
Start with the free
on this site before you buy any programs like PenisHealth.

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