Ingredients Within Penis Enlargement Pills

There are several different types of penis enlargement pills.
The ingredients contained in these pills varies and each ingredient
has unique benefits.

Any pills that you purchase should have a list of the
on the packaging. Look for this list before
purchasing. Because the combinations of different ingredients
and the quantity of each impacts how effective the pills are,
you’ll need to be aware of what you’re taking.

The ingredients below should be in any penis pills you

is an herb that is used widely by bodybuilders and other athletes
who lift weights. It’s reputed to be the secret ingredient
used by power athletes in Bulgaria. This herb builds muscle
mass by increasing the production of testosterone. If used
regularly, it stimulates the growth of your muscles and boosts
your libido while providing added strength and power when
you perform in bed.
The active compounds
in Saw Palmetto include tannins, polysaccharides, volatile
oil and steroidal saponin. This is a plant that looks similar
to the top of a palm tree. It’s found in North America and
is rumored to have been used by early settlers and Native
Americans to deal with a variety of bodily issues including
urinary tract infections and problems related to the reproductive
system and genitals.

This herb is still administered to treat issues with the urinary
tract and mens’ prostate. It’s reported to have a soothing
and healing influence on the bladder and prostate. Saw Palmetto
is also known to be helpful in strengthening body tissue,
an obvious benefit to penis enlargement.

Hailing from
Asia, Ginseng has a long history as a remedy for impotence.
By helping to regulate blood pressure within the body, it
can also help correct premature ejaculation while reinvigorating
the body. For generations, Ginseng has been methodically used
in India, Korea, China, Indochina and Tibet to encourage bodily
rejuvenation. Translated directly, Ginseng means “man
root,” emphasizing its impact on the penis.
Enlarging your
penis requires good circulation. Hawthorn Berry is known to
be a powerful agent in encouraging health for the circulatory
system (as well as the heart). It contains bioflavonoid ingredients
that promote stronger blood vessel walls and blood flow throughout
the entire body.

Hawthorn Berry also encourages the distribution of oxygen
through the body by boosting the dilation of coronary vessels.
As the oxygen flows through your body, it carries essential
nutrients. An additional benefit is that this herb contains
antioxidants that defuses any free radicals within your system.

Rumored to be
one of the oldest species of trees (some estimate its origin
to millions of years ago), Ginkgo Biloba encourages increased
blood flow and improves your circulation. Many experts claim
that it has characteristics that are similar to that of Viagra.
Ginkgo Biloba has proven effective in increasing the blood
flow from the penile arteries into tissue chambers throughout
the penis. It’s uncommonly effective in treating impotence
when the cause is connected to diminished blood flow.
Used for generations
by the Brazilian Tupi Indians, Catuaba has been considered
a powerful medicinal aid for enhancing male sexual performance.
So potent is this herb that the Tupi Indians have written
songs praising its effects. Amongst its many qualities is
the ability to treat impotence and other issues of the genitals.
Though little is known about Catuaba, it’s a powerful ingredient
in most effective penis pills.
This plant comes
from India and is known to encourage an increase in the production
of testosterone. By helping to accumulate proteins within
the body, Mucuna Pruriens is also effective in building muscle
and improving overall strength. The plant has been used for
years as a cure for impotence and various erectile problems
as well as providing a boost to the libido.
An herb considered
highly-effective in improving penis function, Epimedium Sagittatum
is also called Yin Yang Huo in certain cultures. First referenced
in the medical transcripts of the Chinese, Epimedium Sagittatum
was described as a medicinal aid for increasing the secretions
of the hormones and stimulation of the supra renal glands.
Another benefit of Yin Yang Huo is its affect on sperm count
and the circulatory system. This herb has proven efficient
in increasing semen density and improving the circulation
of hormonally-enriched blood into the body’s tissues.
Also referred
to as Capsicum Annuum, this herb is used to improve circulation
throughout the body by aggressively stimulating blood flow.
Cayenne also lowers blood pressure by causing dilation in
the walls of arteries and pushing through mucus that has accumulated
in the veins. By doing this, it forces blood into the body’s
extremities. Another benefit of Cayenne is the stimulation
of neurotransmitters in the brain, increasing the rate of
signal distribution.
Native to the
deep rain forests of Brazil, the wood of the tree that produces
Muira Puama is known to help resolve impotence problems. It’s
rumored that many men who live in the Brazilian rain forests
rub this bark on their genitals in the belief that it stimulates
and improves their erections. Muira Puama has been known to
increase sexual drive and stimulation while helping men to
sustain their erections. Because it’s effective for treating
weak erections and lack of sexual desire, many dependable
penis pills include this ingredient.
Found in the
far off lands of Zaire, Cameroon and Gabon, the Yohimbe tree
produces a bark that has been known to improve sexual performance.
People who live in the areas near this tree eat the bark and
consume a compound extracted from the tree to enhance their

Both men and women have reported increased blood circulation
to the genitals, resulting in an energetic feeling. Men who
suffer from erectile dysfunction have benefited not only from
Yohimbe’s stimulation of the nerves in the pelvic region but
also increased stamina. The FDA has given approval for yohimbine
hydrochloride, a prescribed drug useful for its ability to
help cure male impotence.

The Maca Root
is found in Peru and is rumored to have been passed down through
the generations from the Incas. Many stories contend that
Incan soldiers would prepare to enter into battle by eating
the Maca Root, gaining bravery, fierceness and strength. Once
the soldiers had conquered a city, they were forbidden to
continue eating the Maca Root out of concern for the city’s
women. The Maca Root was known to dramatically increase the
sexual drive of the Incan soldiers and thus, the law prohibiting
the consumption of Maca sought to protect the women.

For many hundreds of years, the Maca Root has been known to
increase the sexual drive, libido and performance of those
who ingested it. Today, it is widely-considered a potent sex-enhancing

Seed (Tu-Si-Zi)
Even though
the main uses for the Cuscutae Seed are related to improving
the cardiovascular and reproductive systems along with aiding
the liver, kidneys and urinary tract, it can be used for other
benefits, too. It can help increase sexual desire for men
as well as increase sperm count. The Cuscutae Seed has also
been known to help cure impotence and encourage ejaculatory
(an Amino Acid)
While L-Arginine
is produced within the body (referred to as a nonessential
amino acid), increased dosage has added benefits. L-Arginine
can improve the strength of your erections and various other
sexual functions by escalating the level of nitric oxide within
the body. It also has a proven record of increasing circulation
and blood flow as well as lowering overall cholesterol levels.
Most reliable penis pills include this ingredient.
Oat Straw has
healing qualities that help renew and strengthen the nervous
system. Known to increase the elastic nature of the veins
as well as encourage circulatory processes, this herb contains
an extract (called Avena sativa) that loosens available testosterone
in the bodies of both genders.
Zinc has a wide
variety of uses and is an active element within more than
300 different enzymes. It can help fertility issues and regulate
the levels of testosterone in men as well as improving the
function of cardiac blood vessels. Zinc has shown to be critical
to maintaining the strength of the body’s tissues as well
as promoting healthy sexual functions.

Another benefit of zinc is its contribution to health sperm
production. If a person is not receiving enough zinc, the
result can be a lower sperm count as well as an increased
chance of fertility-related issues.

Knowing What To Look For

The ingredients above should be included in any penis enlargement
pills that you’re considering. Combining the above elements promotes
blood circulation, proper tissue growth and a host of other benefits
that are essential to achieving a longer and larger penis.