Techniques To Stop Premature Ejaculation

Chances are, you’re not able to have sex for more than 3 or 4
minutes before losing control and ejaculating. Before you write
in, protesting that you’re a stud and can go 30 minutes without
breathing hard, you should know that you’re not alone. In fact,
according to the latest set of data, over 85% of men can’t maintain
ejaculatory control for more than 3 minutes.

The reason? An underdeveloped PC muscle.

The good news is that you can do something about it. By performing
a series of exercises (which we’ll describe for you below), you
can strengthen your PC muscle. And once you make it stronger,
you’ll enjoy harder, longer-lasting erections, stronger ejaculations
and overall ejaculatory control for better sex.

Understanding The PC Muscle

First things first. What exactly is the PC muscle?

PC stands for “pubococcygeal muscle.” It refers to
a collection of muscles in your pelvic area. They start from the
pubic bone and extend towards the back of your body, ending at
the tailbone. It’s located directly between the testicles and
anus and is the foundation of your overall sexual health.

Besides contributing to sexual performance, your PC muscle (with
the help of other muscles) also provides urinary control. But,
for our purposes here, it’s primary function is to control
While women have grown used to controlling
their PC muscles to reach orgasm, most men have not achieved any
level of control. Even though penis size, thrusting technique
and other sexual secrets are important, learning how to maintain
control of your PC muscle is what truly leads to more satisfying
sex (for you and your partner).

How To Locate Your PC Muscle

It’s important for you to know where your PC muscle is
on your body. That way, you’ll be able to focus on establishing
control through the exercises we’ve created for you below. Do
the following to find your PC muscle…

1 – This sounds odd, but it works. Stick your thumb in your mouth
and suck (like a baby would). You’ll notice that a muscle
in your pelvic area is flexing.
This is the same muscle
that causes your penis to move when you have an erection. While
sucking your thumb, use your other hand to find the PC muscle
based on the contractions you feel.

2 – The next time you’re urinating, stop the flow of
urine in midstream.
You’ll feel a particular muscle contracting
to stop the flow. That’s your PC muscle. Use your free hand to
locate that muscle. In the next section, we’ll actually use this
technique for one of the exercises.

3 – This last method of locating your PC muscle is not for the
squeamish. But, if you’re adventurous, do the following. Use a
latex glove and apply a water-based lubrication on the fingers.
Next, gently insert your index and middle fingers into your anus.
You’ll notice your PC muscle contracting as your
fingers enter. It’s important that you try to relax the surrounding
muscles while you do this.

Now that you’ve found your PC muscle, you’ll know where to focus
your attention during our suggested exercises. So,
let’s get started.

Level 1 PC Exercises (Beginner)

Everyone starts at the beginning. Runners, boxers, swimmers…
everyone. If you’ve never performed exercises to build the strength
of your PC muscle, start with these 3 beginner exercises
and progress through them slowly. Before you know it, you’ll be
ready to take on the intermediate workout.

Level 1 PC Exercise
1. Pausing
The Flow Of Urine
– When you’re urinating, contract
your PC muscle and stop the flow of urine in midstream. Maintain
control for as long as possible. Relax your muscle and continue
urinating. Then, do it again. Then, release. Every time you
visit the restroom to urinate, perform this exercise 5 to
7 times.
2. Most beginners
are unable to flex and maintain the contraction of their PC
muscle for more than a couple of seconds. This exercise will
change that. Here’s how it works…

In 10 seconds, flex your PC muscle and release it
several times. There’s no need to
hold the contraction. Just flex and release quickly over a
10-second period. Then, rest for 10 seconds.

Do that 2 more times.

3. Rest
for 30 seconds.
After your 30-second break, perform
that entire process again before taking another 30-second
break. Each day, perform the above 3 times.

You may find that you’re unable to keep flexing your PC muscle
for the entire exercise. That just means your PC muscle needs
more exercise. Do the flex and release method as long as you’re
able. Every day, attempt a few more. Eventually,
you’ll be able to perform this exercise easily and you’ll
be ready for the intermediate level.

4. Penis
Flex And Lift
– This exercise can (and should) be
done anywhere. You already know that flexing your PC muscle
causes your penis to move. It’s more obvious when you have
a full erection, but your penis moves when flaccid, too (if
only slightly).

Whether you’re at the office, relaxing at home on the couch
or laying in bed, flex your PC muscle and attempt to move
your penis. Hold that muscle contraction for as long as possible
before you release it. This is a convenient exercise because
you can literally do it wherever you are (including while
sitting in traffic).

After you’ve spent time performing the Level 1 exercises, you’re
ready to move on to the intermediate stage. The 4 exercises below
continue to build your PC muscle. But, you should begin to see
noticeable results while having sex.
Let’s dive in…

Level 2 PC Exercise
1. Sqeeze
- The focus for this exercise is flexing the
PC muscle and holding the contraction.

Slowly flex the PC muscle. Spread the flex over 5 seconds.
Now, hold the contraction for another 5 seconds. Last, slowly
release the contraction over 5 seconds.

The entire rep should only last 15 seconds.

Ultimately, you want to build your stamina so you can do 50
reps each day. But, don’t start with 50 reps. You’ll put yourself
into a coma. Start with 10. After 2 days, perform 12 reps.
Continue increasing the number of reps every couple of days
until you reach 50 reps.

After you’re able to do 50 reps consistently each day, do
a few less reps each day. Eventually, you can do 30 reps each
day simply to maintain the PC muscle. But, if you ever feel
as if the strength of the muscle is declining, raise the number
of daily reps back to 50.

2. Short
– The Short Squeeze works in nearly the exact
way as the PC Squeeze Play (Exercise #1). The only difference
is that instead of using 5 seconds as the count, use 2. So,
rather than reps lasting 15 seconds, they’re only going to
last 6 seconds.

Start with 20 reps a day. Then, like the PC Squeeze Play,
increase the number of daily reps every couple of days. You
want to build up to doing 100 reps each day.

3. Long,
Measured Squeeze
– This is where you really begin
to see noticeable results. Here’s how this exercise works…

Do 30 quick Short Squeezes (Exercise #2 above). You’re just
warming up for the main event. Now, flex your PC muscle as
tightly as you can (and then just a little more). Hold that
contraction for 20 seconds. Now, release it and rest for 30

Repeat that 4 more times. Over 6 weeks, you’ll want to build
up to 10 reps.

If you do this exercise every day for 6 weeks, you’ll probably
be able to hold the contraction for up to 2 minutes. Take
a moment to notice how far you’ll have come. Being able to
hold the PC muscle flexed for 2 minutes will give you a harder
erection and allow you to last longer while having sex.

4. PC Pyramid
Step Training
– When compared to the Long, Measured
Squeeze (Exercise #3 above), this one is easy. You’re going
to flex your PC muscle in steps.

Flex your PC muscle about 25% and hold the contraction. Now,
flex it up to 50% and hold that contraction. Move the flex
to 75% and hold it. Finally, flex your PC muscle as far and
deep as you can. Hold it for 20 seconds.

Now, release the flex in the same steps (75%, 50%, 25%, full

Repeat that process 4 more times with no resting in between.
Do 5 reps like this each day.

Here we are. The advanced exercises. By now, your partner
is telling friends how amazing you are in bed
. Your ejaculatory
control is great and you can last as long as you want in the sack.

Let’s take it to the next level…

Level 3 PC Exercise
1. PC Muscle
- Start flexing your PC muscle little by little.
You need to go slowly. You’re going to go from ground zero
to fully-flexed over a period of 3 minutes. At the 2 minute
mark (or sooner), you’ll probably feel that your PC muscle
is already totally flexed.

It’s not. Your mind is playing a trick on you. Keep flexing.

After 3 minutes, your PC muscle is going to feel as if it’s
on fire. It’s a burning sensation. Every part of you wants
to release it. Don’t. Hold that contraction for 30 seconds.
Feel the burn. Hold it.

After 30 seconds have passed, you’re going to flex your PC
muscle even more. You can do it even if you think you can’t.

When your body is screaming to ease up, release your PC muscle
and do 20 quick PC squeezes (see Level 2 Exercise #1).

You’re going to go through this process once per day. Have
a towel ready to wipe the sweat from your brow. You’re going
to need it.

2. Apply
The Pressure
– Most of the exercises above can be
done anywhere. Nobody will notice. But, this last exercise
is different. You need privacy. You’ll see why in a moment…

Step 1 – Massage your penis until you’ve
achieved a full erection. Use lubrication, if necessary.

Step 2 – Use your entire right hand and wrap
your fingers around the shaft of your penis. Maintain a firm
grip. While gripping, flex your PC muscle and hold the contraction
for 2 seconds. By gripping your penis shaft while flexing
and holding the contraction, you’re trapping blood in your
penis. Don’t let your penis move when you flex.

You’re exerting tension against the PC muscle’s natural tendencies.
By doing this, you’re forcing the muscle to build strength
in order to push blood into your penis and maintain the erection.

Step 3
– Start with 10 reps (Step 2 represents 1
rep). 10 reps should take a total of 60 seconds. Do as many
sets of 10 reps as you can. The first set will be easy. Keep
going until you can go no further. Remember, your mind plays
tricks on you. Even when you think you can’t continue, you

Step 4 – Eventually, you want to build up
to as many repetitions as possible. Also, while continuing
to perform more and more reps each day, try to exert more
pressure against your PC muscle by pushing down slightly on
your penis with your gripping hand (no need to grip more tightly).
Do this exercise once each day.

If you’ve gotten this far, congratulations. Only
a small fraction of men can actually do these exercises. But,
if you’re performing the Level 2 (Intermediate) and Level 3 (Advanced)
exercises simultaneously, very few men will be able to match your
sexual prowess.

Your erections will be harder. The volume you ejaculate will
be higher. And the time you can last while having sex will leave
your partner gasping for breath.