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VigRx Plus is one of the most effective penis enlargement pills
on the market. The pills contain many of the natural ingredients
that other successful products include, but they are the only
ones that contain Damiana, which no other pill has. According
to clinical studies approved by the FDA, Damiana increases the
absorption rates of other nutrients. This might make VigRx one
of the fastest acting penis enlargement pills available.

Natural Ingredients
Fast Results

VigRx uses a combination of natural ingredients
that stimulate blood flow to the corpora cavernosa, the tissue
that is engorged with blood when a man is sexually stimulated.
Some of these natural ingredients include ginko biloba, Asian
red ginseng, palmetto, and cuscuta seed extract. All of these
ingredients have been shown to have a positive effect on the male
reproductive system. They are 100 percent natural
so consumers do not need to worry that they will suffer from negative
side effects. Damiana is a South American herb that has been used
as an aphrodisiac. It also helps the user’s system absorb
the other ingredients so that they can have the maximum effect.

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These ingredients work together to stimulate blood flow
to the penis’s spongy tissue
. This increased blood
causes the caverns in the tissue to expand. When used over a period
of several months, this expansion can become permanent,
resulting in increased penis length and girth

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Gain Longer,
Thicker, Faster Results

Many men notice that they can achieve
harder erections within the first month of use
. The full
effects of VigRx, however, are not usually seen until after six
months of use. This is on par with many of the best penis enlargement
pills. Including Damiana in their pills can help men see results
sooner, but in order to obtain maximum, permanent results, the
pills should still be taken for six months.

Men can expect to increase penis length by up to 2.5
inches and girth by up to 25 percent
. This is slightly
less than some of the other top penis enlargement pills. Prosolution
pills, for instance, have been shown to increase penis length
by up to three inches. Still, 2.5 inches is enough of an increase
to make many men happy. By combining the pills with penis enlargement
exercises, most men will find that they are pleased with the results.

and Guarantee
Could Be Better

The only real downsides to the VigRx Plus pills
are the cost and the guarantee. A five-month supply of VigRx Plus
pills costs $66 per bottle. That is a total of $330 for the five-month
supply. Maybe this is not too much money to spend on real results,
but a five-month supply of ProSolution pills is only $248.95.
That is a significant price difference for men that are watching
their budgets.

VigRx also only offers a 60-day money back guarantee. Less than
one percent of their customers return the pills for a refund,
but it still seems that VigRx should offer a longer guarantee
because it takes up to six months for men to see full results.

Decent Penis Enlargement Pill Choice

Even with the slightly higher price and short
guarantee, VigRx Plus pills are one of the best penis enlargement
pills that men can purchase. They offer real, permanent
that will please most men. You could find better
penis enlargement pills, but you could much more easily find those
that are worse. VigRx Plus is a reliable product that has helped
many men gain the penis length and girth that they need
to boost their confidence and improve their sex lives

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